First Innovation and Design Contest of Hotel Spaces
We have our winners! Congratulations to all the participants
Hotel Lab more than an innovation contest
Here at Eurostars Hotels we are committed to development. For this first edition, we set ourselves a new challenge: to reinvent the concept of a hotel. To do so, we created Eurostars Hotel Lab, our 1st Hotel Space Innovation and Design Contest. With this contest, we challenged participants to design a room that adapts to the present and future needs of new travellers.

Our panel of judges had no easy task in this first edition. We received 135 projects from 19 different countries. Have a look in the awards section to see who won!

Specifications of this contest
Elements to be designed

To enter, participants had to submit their design for the furnishings in a room with four pieces:

  1. 1. Double bed with headboard (mattress is not needed)
  2. 2. Wardrobe
  3. 3. Luggage carrier
  4. 4. Workspace (chairs are not needed)

Plus, they could incorporate any additional elements they considered necessary: equipment to switch on/off lights, TV, music, curtains, etc. All keeping in mind guest experience, which must be as comfortable as possible. In total, entries must have a floor space of 28 m2, 24 m2 of which is the bedroom and 4 m2 for the bathroom, which is not included in the design.

What are we going to evaluate?
Use of new materials; technological, functional and ergonomic innovations, and all aspects that add value to your design.
Furniture elements must be original, that is, they cannot have been used before.
Real opportunities to carry out the project, since the goal is to bring the winning project to life in a Eurostars room.
Furniture will have to satisfactorily comply with the functions it has been designed to.

You can deliver your project from the 15th January 2016 to the 15th July 2016. Remember we don't take into account the projects we receive after this deadline.

We will announce the final decision on the 15th September 2016 to each winner, taking into account the contact information you provide when joining the project.

How can you participate?
The deadline for the projects submission has already concluded. If you want to know all the details of our first edition, download the dossier of the contest!
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