2nd Edition of the Contest on Innovation and Design in Hotel Spaces
Do you want to be the creator of the next Eurostars reception lobby? Participate in the Hotel Lab contest and show us your design skills!
Hotel Lab More than an innovation contest
At Eurostars Hotels we are committed to development, and this is why we have set ourselves a challenge: to reinvent the concept of a hotel.

This year we’re back with the 2nd Edition of the Contest on Innovation and Design in Hotel Spaces. This time we encourage you to design and create the spaces and furnishings of a hotel reception lobby which meets the present and future needs of new travellers.

During the forthcoming months, this reception lobby will be your laboratory of ideas. Detect problems, create innovative solutions, experiment and design the perfect reception lobby.

The Hotel Lab jury will choose the project that best conveys the spirit of innovation embodied in Eurostars Hotels’ values. Still haven’t decided whether to participate?
The prizes
We know you love your job, but in case that isn’t enough, take a look at our prizes!
First prize
The winning project will be materialised in the reception lobby of a Eurostars hotel and will be awarded a cash prize of
Honourable mentions
The organisers will also award two honourable mentions each with a cash prize of
Specifications of this contest
The elements to be designed

To participate in the contest, you have to submit the design of the different spaces in the reception lobby:

  1. 1. Customer care point (welcome point, reception desk, etc.)
  2. 2. Lounge area
  3. 3. Recreation area
  4. 4. Workspace

Layout of the space: the space can be arranged as the participant sees fit, allowing the user to move around comfortably and to be able to enjoy the lobby and reception area. The space will have an area which is specified in the floorplan included in the dossier.

Elements: as many elements of furnishings or equipment considered necessary to meet the required functionality may be included.

Materials: the use of innovative materials will be appreciated, provided that the viability of their production is considered.

The space will have an area which is specified in the floorplan included in this dossier.

What are we going to evaluate?
Use of new materials, technological, functional, ergonomic innovations and everything that brings added value to a design.
The furnishings must satisfactorily fulfil the purposes for which they were designed.
The real possibilities of carrying out the project, since the goal is to materialise the winning project in a Eurostars reception lobby.
The contest timeframes

The timeframe during which you may submit your project is the 27 January to the 14 July 2017. Remember that we will not consider any projects received after this date.

On the 25 September 2017, the jury’s verdict will be personally announced to each of the winners using the information provided on the contest registration form.

How to participate?
1. Download the information file on Hotel Lab, where you will find all the instructions and specifications of the contest.
2. Assemble your team: You can submit projects individually or in a group of up to three people.
3. Gather your tools and begin to design your winning project!
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